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Joe Barton‬

یک نماینده خیلی ضیعیف تگزاس است که در استانه مرگ است.خیلی شخصیت مهمی نسیت خیالتون راحت باشه


‪‪Joe Barton


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Joe Barton‬

Joe Linus Barton (born September 15, 1949) is a Republican politician, representing Texas’s 6th congressional district (map) in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1985, and a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

The district includes Arlington, part of Fort Worth, and several small towns and rural areas south of the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. Following the 2014 primary defeat of Ralph Hall, Barton became the dean of the Texas congressional delegation. Barton came to national prominence after telling a citizen at a town hall meeting to “shut up”

In terms of his positions, Barton advocates for deregulation of the electricity and natural gas industries, and he serves as vice-chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committees.He is skeptical that manmade carbon emissions have contributed to global warming

Joe Barton‬

WASHINGTON — The heightened scrutiny of sexual impropriety on Capitol Hill has swept up a senior House Republican who on Wednesday apologized for a sexually explicit photo that wound up on the internet.

Representative Joe Barton of Texas, who was once chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is now its vice chairman, told The Texas Tribune that he was reconsidering his political future after the photograph appeared on an anonymous Twitter account. Just weeks ago, Mr. Barton announced that he would seek an 18th term in Congress.

is a proponent of the use of fossil fuels, voted in favor of the May 4, 2017 GOP plan to replace Obamacare, supports President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from Muslim-majority nations,and supports the death penalty for persons caught spying. Barton recently led the successful efforts to repeal the oil export ban in the House



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